What is the Most Productive Office Layout for Your Business?

A smart business understands that having a great office layout is a vital tool for creating a professional image for the firm. An office layout portrays the company’s core values that tend to reflect on its brand, mission, and culture. It is important to design your office and deploy a layout that suits the atmosphere you want to achieve in your business. For instance, open office plans that feature low panel heights provide a working environment that focuses on collaboration, openness, communication and visibility. Offices that have high panel heights, on the other hand, provide workers with a lot of privacy. However, many office layouts tend to have a combination of the two space types depending on the work that is being carried out.

The Different Layout Types

  • Open Plan Layout
  • Landscape Office Layout
  • Combination  Layout
  • Co-working Layout
  • Narrative Layout
  • Nomadic Layout
  • Neighborly Layout

Layouts of an office are broadly classified into private and general layout. Additionally, other modern office layouts include combination, narrative, neighborly office, nomadic office, and the co-working office layouts. The general office layout consists of two types. The landscape office and open plan office layout.

So what is the most productive and efficient layout for your company? As indicated earlier a great office plan depends on the type of image you want to portray for your business. Below are examples that can help you apply the kind of office space that you may need for your business.

Open Plan Office

An Open Plan Office Layout

No walls or separators in an open office plan.

This layout does not have walls, passages or separators. However, shelve screens, cupboards and cabinets tend to act as spacers between the workstations. The staff desks are placed in the same direction which is ideal for employees and teams that are working on the same project.

Landscape Office Layout

The idea behind this design is the same as the open plan layout. However, the key difference is that the staff desks are placed different facing directions, unlike the open plan style. It began in the 1950’s and sought to bring the executives to the same level as the rest of the workers in a nod to a more egalitarian post-war European society.

Combination  Layout

Combination Layout

Combination Office Layout – image courtesy of M Form Construction Group.

In this design, the office tends to surround the common spaces rather than being connected via hallways. This design is ideal where individuals need to concentrate on their work, and it also supports team communication.

Co-working Layout

Co-Working Space Layout

Co-working spaces are popular for cost-sharing measures and for independent contractors

In this era of portable computers, WiFi technologies, readily available ergonomic mice for carpal tunnel and chairs for back problems, employees are often mobile and can do their work from many common-area office spaces. The space exposes the employees to an open style with no particular allocated desks. It is ideal for self-employed individuals in that it helps them interact with customers and even network at an affordable fee.

Narrative Layout

Just like a fictional story, this office has the same concept in that the office design tends to describe your business’s story or brand. This layout is ideal for marketing the brand in which the staff is considered to be the front line staff or brand managers.

Nomadic Layout

In this layout just as the name suggests, the office is in a nomad style fusion where the workspace is often distributed within.

Neighborly Layout

This design gives a social feeling in which the offices give a familiar neighbor appear, and it is ideal for businesses that mostly deal with socializing.


An office layout is important for every business and finding the right layout for your business can add new customers to your clientele base since people tend to have a thing with the first impression. For instance, if your company’s first impression is professionalism then there is a high likely hood that the client will stick with you, but if the opposite is portrayed, then your business might crumble.



What Is a Personal Loan and How Does It Work?

Personal financial loansFinding personal loans that meet your expectations can be difficult with many lending options available. You would think that the more choices there are, the easier it would be. This couldn’t be more wrong.

With many credit card companies offering small business loans and peer-to-peer alternatives, finding a lender can be confusing. The first thing you want to think about is how much you will need. Is it for a business start up? Is it for major personal purchase?

Once you know how much you need, and how much interest you can afford to pay. Then start looking at the different lenders available. The reason why we advise that you ask these questions first is because it will be easy to disqualify then loan options that do not meet your needs. Business first personal loans can be a great option if you are looking for an unsecured startup advance.

Business First Personal Loans

Personal loans that put businesses first come in many forms. The most popular type is the peer-to-peer unsecured loan. Unsecured loans refer to loans without collateral. If you are a business startup, your company may not have a proven financial record yet. Business first personal loan will most likely be the best option for you the entrepreneur. Be aware that unsecured loans have a higher interest rate. Without collateral, lenders are more wary about making sure the loan is paid. With a higher interest rate, they can secure any differences if you default on your advance. Check out what business first personal loans can do for your start up.

Personal Loans for People with Fair Credit

There are many loan options available to people with fair to good credit. When you have a decent credit score, companies like Sofi and Financial First are great options. Sofi, in particular, offers fixed rates that start around 6% interest.

Find out more about Sofi reviews at http://aaacreditguide.com/personal-loans/sofi/ They may have an option that is perfect for you.

Fixed rates are usually not available when you have unsecured loans with bad credit. Higher interest rates, unfortunately, make it very hard for people to stay on top of their payments. Think about it this way, the person who needed the unsecured loan had a reason that their credit was poor. Why would anyone lend to someone who has had proven credit issues in the past?

Personal Loans Interest Rates

Unsecured Personal LoansWhen it comes to dealing with a personal loan, low-interest rates aren’t usually an option. Banks will look at your current credit score, even those with high credit scores that are in good standing still end up paying quite a bit on these types of loans. If you are financially struggling and currently in debt, you may want to look into a personal loan. When utilized the appropriate way, a personal loan can actually help you get out of debt more quickly.


If you have been concerned about the different types of loans that you may be eligible for, then talk with your bank lender. They will be able to help you with the various questions and the plan you want to enact once the loan has been received. For anyone with credit problems or even those without talking with your bank lender today will help you with your plan, security, and peace of mind.

The HVAC Business Model – Recession Proof and Seasonless

HVAC is an area that deals with home improvement appliances to ensure your indoor conditions are stable and make you comfortable. This feature heating equipment, ventilation tools and air conditioning equipment. When dealing with these HVAC systems, you automatically create an environment that is secure for your home living. Most of these systems are provided by fitting companies that deal with HVAC Systems. The succeeding companies have adopted the HVAC Business Model that features Recession proof and Non- seasonal businesses. This model was introduced by Jim Abrams, who used the internet enabled the program to show how to develop competitive staff with excellent skills and higher performance.

The HVAC business model is one that is very resilient, since it’s always needed, even in tough economic times.

Most companies with over 25 years in HVAC Systems have been very profitable by offering a recession-proof services that are needed both on a regular basis and in emergencies.  The AC repair work by local Orlando techs, as well as Southern California business, or the heating work done in the Northern States, are all essentially non-discretionary. The HVAC Business Model works on the principle that, you only get a job that requires skills to operate. Most of the employed people in the HVAC companies have varied skills from computer technology, healthcare fields and engineering section. The recession proof model means that, when you have the skills, you can maintain your job for a long time. Your skills are your security, and this one offers you a non-seasonal employment. There is no time a person in the HVAC systems company will miss a job. The model also brings out the greatest opportunities that come with non-seasonal and recession proof businesses. It maintains that such enterprises have core services that will always be offered to humanity to promote healthy living.

What does this model encourage?

The HVAC business model supports straight forward businesses with transparent procedures and non-technical involvement. It also focuses on building multiple sources of business for a higher revenue generation. This is made easier by the conditions in the firms that promote recession proof jobs that have no distinct seasons but will always be available. This Model encourages the use of technology in automation of businesses to enhance speed and maximum production. The model seeks to identify the world class training institutions to enable qualified individuals in the HVAC industries that are growing daily. These will ensure quality work done and customer relations build for the continuation of excellent services.

The HVAC business model-recession proof and non-seasonal plan empower contractors through ways of reducing costs while maximizing profits. It touches on governance and encourages clear guide for decision making and the ability to come up with new business ideas through the company structure.


It also highlights on finances and the business management, investing in HVAC Systems should carry out a thorough research on how to minimize expenditure and maximize profits. The aspect of hiring equipment rather than buying promotes saving and ensures cheap labor is available. This increases the contractors earnings and reduces losses. Maximization on recruiting systems and payments enables the company to bid higher on projects and pay contracted workers on time. This acts as a motivation to carry out excellent jobs in fitting and fixing HVAC Systems.

The HVAC business model, when adopted, creates a harmonious working environment that builds small companies dealing with HVCA Systems grow and manage their finances with ease.

Seasonal Business Spotlight – Bike Rentals

beach-bike-rentalThe bicycle rental business is one of the most lucrative business that anyone could think of starting. You will not only make a lot of profits but you will also get to meet a lot of people besides having a lot of bikes to manage. A bike business entails renting bikes for a specified period of time to customers who want to enjoy riding a well maintained bike but only for a short period of time. Unlike the past where most people used to go on a vacation or picnics with their own bikes, nowadays most people prefer renting because it is cheaper and more convenient. Although bike rental business is seasonal in nature, it is very profitable if you come up with a good strategic plan. In this article we are going to give tips that will help you open up a successful bike rental business.

1. Find a good location

One very important aspect of opening up a bike rental business is the location. The location of the business should be strategic enough to help you attract your targeted clients. The most recommended location to open up a bike rental business is an area that is close to tourist attractions.  One such example is the Bike Rentals 30a businesses, located along Highway 30A in Florida.  You will want to include areas that are near beaches, national parks and any other major tourist attraction site. Because bike rentals is actually a seasonal business, it is recommend that you rent a property instead of buying it because it will actually be cost effective. Look for a building that is not only strategically located but one that can hold several bikes and with good access of the outside.

2. Ensure that you have enough bikes to fulfill demand

If you want to succeed in any business, you need to ensure that you build customers trust. One way of building customers trust is by ensuring that the customer always get what he/she is looking for when he/she visit your store. It is therefore very important to ensure that your business is well stocked with all types of bike that the customer may need. Because bike injuries are very common, it is recommended that that you take a liability insurance so as to protect your business.

3. Have a license

Before you start operating your bike rental business, it is very important to visit the local authority and apply for a license. Having a license will not only help you operate your business in peace but will also instill confidence in your customers. Many clients looking for bike rental usually prefer renting them from a shop that is licensed.

4. Market your bike rental business

Besides choosing a strategic location it is also very important to take an extra step of marketing your bike rental business both on print media and online platform. By marketing your bike rental business, more people will actually know about it, a factor that will help you get more clients. However, when marketing your business, ensure that you give customers a reason why they should choose you over others. This include giving them discounts as well as offering quality services to them.




The Big Business of Soccer

Soccer BusinessBehind the roars and cheers of excited fans, and the adrenaline that accompanies the action on the pitch is the big business that is modern soccer. In fact, you could go as far as saying that soccer is a business. Billions of dollars are required every year to keep the great soccer juggernaut rolling. Elite football clubs in Europe earn tens of millions of dollars each year as profits.

And being a top-earning club tends to have a ripple effect when it comes to generating income. For one, these wealthy clubs view themselves as global brands rather than just parts of their community’s heritage. The global exposure they seek earns them lucrative sponsorships that permit them to handle hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

A prime example of such a club is the world-famous English soccer club Manchester United, worth about 2 billion dollars. The club’s towering global popularity is cemented by its over 300 million followers. This reputation helps the club get high value sponsorships from large multinational brands keen to benefit from a relationship with the club.

Quite accurately, mainstream soccer relies on money changing hands. Sponsors pay clubs, fans pay for tickets, clubs pay their players and staff, and so forth. In this way, some clubs are able to transact in millions of dollars each week. In fact, the most critical aspects of a soccer club are determined by money.

For instance, wealthy owners have to part with copious amounts of money to own clubs. Additionally, to get the naming rights for the stadiums, major sponsors have to pay lots of money, and other sponsors have to do their part financially to have their brand names appear on jerseys and other soccer gear.

For instance, Barclaycard had to pay nearly 50 million pounds to have a league in their name. Broadcasters often part with billions of dollars to have exclusive rights to air the Premier League for a period of 5 years.

More importantly, money plays a significant role in how powerful a club can be in major competitions, as it dictates the quality of players the club can buy and get on loan. And since football leagues are the most watched in the world, the scale of these transactions is quite enormous.

Still, money was not always all-important in the direction of global soccer. At the moment, top players get paid phenomenal salaries for their services, and transfers occur quite liberally. Previously, there were limits on how much a player could be payed, and player transfers were highly restricted.

But now, this has completely changed, and clubs have to pay their best players really well to hold to them, since there is a lot of money to be made by being one of the leading clubs in the leagues. There was a time when the most players could get from their golden skills on the pitch was popularity, but money has now changed this completely.

The big business of soccer has also changed some traditional aspects of soccer, especially in England, such as fantasy premier league, where the game was largely part of the cultural fabric. For instance, while initially stadia carried the name of their communities, corporations can now buy the right to have a stadium named after their brand. A case in point is Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

On the face of it, people still love soccer for the same old reason: it’s a beautiful game that brings people and communities together. While this is obviously still the case, especially now that soccer is a global phenomenon, the game has also become big business, a trend that shows no signs of changing any time soon. The big business of soccer might get even bigger over time.

Tips for the Real Estate Business

Real EstateReal estate business development is regarded as one of a lifetime exemplary investment in the modern times. Renting, managing, purchasing and selling of properties are just some of the ways in which investments are done in the real estate business. However, it is important to note that this is a murky business area that requires detailed know how so as to be a profitable player. Apart from academic credentials there are specific qualities that one needs to have so as to be effective.

One of the keys to success in real estate business development is to have a detailed business plan that has clear objectives and laid down strategies and course of action that has to be undertaken. Plan is good since it helps the investor to foresee any probable setbacks and work towards overcoming them. Real estate business is sometimes complex and therefore a plan helps one to break the bigger task into phases that can be achieved within a given time frame.

Realtors must have in depth knowledge about their target market and being in real estate business is not an exemption. This helps one to make sound business decision and also know when to change course of action. This means that one has to keep abreast with trending issues such as the changes in the consumer market and mortgage rates among others.

There are a number of policies and code of ethics that govern the real estate business that any investor in this field must be held accountable to. This is one of the investments that involve the investor actively interacting with people. This means that ethical issues play a big role on how people perceive your business and subsequently affect investment plans. Just being on the side of the law is just a bare minimum requirement. High ethical standards are good because it helps develop a good rapport both with the community and partners. Lack of ethics can have detrimental effect to growth of this kind of business.

Any investor who ventures into real estate business development must identify which area of this business best works for them and try as much as possible to focus on that particular area so as to be successful. For example, West Toronto Real Estate is going to differ greatly from Southern California Real Estate, and knowing these differences (and focusing on your strengths) is going to pay off in the long run.  Real estate business is broad and therefore one needs to do a proper research in order to identify what they want to pursue. It is integral for one to focus on a specific area of this business so as to maximize on their resources.

Develop a good customer base relationship with anyone that is involved in this business. Referrals play a key role and therefore associate, clients, business partners and renters must be treated with due respect with attention to the details of their demands.

Just like in any other business it is imperative for anyone who is in this business to keep themselves updated on competitors, changing technology, regulations and state laws. Falling back makes one to lose momentum and become vulnerable to competitors. This can cause the investment to stall or even fail. One has to keep clear records to help them learn the changing market and also foresee the future.

Business Development for Chiropractors

Chiropractors can be big business, but only if you utilize the proper business developement strategies.

Chiropractors can be big business, but only if you utilize the proper business developement strategies.

It is not enough to set up a top-notch office for a chiropractor business. You need to do much more to get the attention of the patients. The patient will come to you after knowing how efficient you are and how effective your service is. Moreover, your existing patients play an important role to promote your business. If you want chiropractor business development, you should adopt a right attitude to come into the notice of the patients. You might consider the following tips to make profits from your chiropractor practice.

Use some of the most powerful chiropractic marketing strategies

The best way to get the attention of the patients is to ensure your online presence. If you have not tried this method then try it right away. All successful businesses ensure their online presence to get profits. Make sure that your website is search engine friendly. If you find it in poor ranking then apply successful strategies and implement SEO to fulfill your objective. You should focus on keywords, contents, and backlinks while implementing SEO.

Utilize social media

This is not enough to ensure your online presence. You should think ahead and use social media to promote your business. In the digital marketing, you cannot achieve growth and profits without using social media. You can use Facebook and twitter for this purpose. Both the small and large businesses are using these platforms to introduce themselves to the customers and to get a global exposure. The first thing you need to do is to open an account. Once it is done, keep updating it with some helpful advice on exercises, stretching techniques, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle. You can also write guest posts for the same purpose.

Develop a good contact with other businesses

By doing so, you can get more customers. They can send patients for your business. For the better results, you can take the help of the print media and online sources to promote your business.   For instance, if you are running a Kelowna Chiropractor, you might want to collaborate with other doctors, gyms, or activity centers, or other places where you can find people who might want chiropractic care.

Offer Patients Special Discounts

You can also offer some discounts and special treatment for your patients that will come to the notice of your patients and you will be able to get more patients for your practice. You can offer them a free x-ray, free consultations, and some discount package.

Incentivize Referrals

You should offer incentive referrals to those customers who refer their relatives and friends. This will create a positive impression among the patients. But make sure that you are promoting those referrals on your website and social networking sites. You can use office waiting room for this purpose as well.

Develop a Good Relationship with the Patients

One of the simple strategies to promote a business is to maintain a good relationship with your previous patients. You can send emails on your recent inclusion, developed practice, changes in office timing, and you can also offer them some discounts. You can ask them for the feedback. Remember that a customer’s positive impression works better than any other promotional techniques.

Follow the above tips for chiropractor business development. These techniques can help you to get desired growth from your chiropractor practice.

Business Spotlight – Exotic Car Rentals

Exotic CarIncreasing one’s existing capital is the dream of every businessman. Due to this mindset a business is good, regardless of its type, until it helps in making more money. There is no specific business type which can help the tycoons in making huge money. These days one can also make good money with exotic car rental business. These luxury cars are much in demand these days, depending upon the personal profile and life style of every user. Some tips are provided in this write-up to know how this business plan can help in making money.

Good promotion of car rental business

The effective marketing of car rental business can help you in making more money if you are renting a luxury car. You can use different strategies to promote not only your business but the entire industry also. You can make press release, collect testimonials or engage people to talk about it wherever they go to promote your business. All of your efforts can help in earning regular income than a usual car rental business without any consideration about the level of your business and the amount of money invested in it. You can increase your income by adding more luxurious and exotic cars in your fleet.

Proper Management

Whether you are in usual car rental business of exotic car rental business you can increase your income just by managing it properly. A good example of this is Envus Motors Inc Garden Grove’s exotic car rental agency, which has been an exemplary example of how to run a business.  You should know the people who are support your business and what you are offering them? The satisfaction of the customer should be the priority of your entire staff as customer is always believed to be right. You can get good results with your good customer service and maintenance of your cars. You may not rent a new luxury car but if it is properly maintained even then you can satisfy your customers effectively. You should spend on the repair and maintenance of your car whenever needed instead of purchasing new car every time for making good money in this business.

Marketing Strategies

Too many people have started luxury car rental business these days which has considerably increased the competition in this field. So while marketing your business you should use different strategies so that you can attract more customers than your rivals. Moreover you should provide services as promised in your advertisement so that people start believing on your business quality. In addition to it you should stick to your business as long standing in the market and good experience also help you in earning better money and respect. You should also try to pacify annoyed customers as well as behave well with the prospective customer to increase your business returns.

Thus you can make good money in exotic car rental business by following the tips provided in this write-up. You should also keep in mind while starting this business that you may have to invest huge capital in this business which can increase the risk of loss if not managed well. So you should have patience and skills to face such challenges to get success in this business.

This Week in Business Development – Plumbing and Plumbers

The demand for professional plumbers has been on an upward trend as more buildings, homes, office spaces and other strictures come into being. The best professional satisfaction anyone can derive when running a private company and being in charge of key operational and financial decisions. In plumbing, your success is determined by the target market you curve out as well as how well you plan to roll out. Furthermore, where you set up the office the proficiency of your employees will either help build or break your plumbing business development.

NYC Plumber

Plumbing can be a lucrative business, but only if you follow a solid business development plan.

To be allowed to start any plumbing business, you must first obtain a plumbing license. There are some legal forms that you have to fill to granted an operational license. There is some documentation that you should provide for verification before the license is awarded. Please note that the legal requirements vary from one state and country to another. For instance, a Phoenix Plumber will have different requirements than a NYC Plumber, etc.  Contact the relevant authorities in your area to find out what applies to you. In most cases, you must be a qualified plumber to be granted a license.

Once you obtain the license, you can now look for an office space to rent. If you are starting off on a tight budget, you don’t have to worry so much about the office as plumbing is a job that is done on site. What you have to do is to look around for the relevant equipment, then start your operations from home. Most of your transactions are likely to be conducted over the phone or email, and you may not find an office necessary for a start but a strain on your budget.

With the license issued, an office in place and the relevant equipment in bought, your next stage is marketing. You should note that this is a very competitive industry, and you have to stay ahead of the competition to make it. You are likely to meet most of your clients through word of mouth. To boost the number of referrals, see to it that the services that you offer to your clients are top notch and at favorable costs.

There are several benefits the owner of plumbing business reap after his or her plumbing business development.

• Revenue – an experienced plumber can allocate resources to sustain the business by planning how much work to undertake to generate sufficient revenue; it gives complete control on how much to charge per project, plan the schedule for job completion and schedule delivery of supplies, etc. By knowing well in advance the amount of funds needed to run the business, it also provides time for a break when required and going back on the job after the break.

• Plenty of customer interaction – there is one-on-one dealing with every customer, preferably if operating in the same locality, which gives plenty of time and scope to take on projects, understand homeowners’ requirements, plan the project well factoring in local conditions like weather, etc., thereby helping the business grow well.

• Independent work timings – If a plumber is contracted to jobs or projects that are ongoing, then there is not much option for flexibility in working hours. However, a self-employed plumber can accept projects and factor in flexibility regarding the number of days or hours of work depending on other circumstances.

• Scope for expansion – an individual plumber has a better option to hire new extra hands if needed, on the temporary or permanent basis, depending on current and future projects. As he gains experience in handling the business, there is plenty of scopes to diversify into related fields of work and update himself on the changing technologies and emerging new practices. This way, he can also delegate work and groom the best employee for a larger role in the business

Please stay tuned for more issues of our “This Week in Business Development” series!