Selecting a theme for your weed dispensary website

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Aside from the aesthetic value, the WordPress theme used for a website affects its performance in terms of loading speed. It will also affect the how the website is presented on different devices, how much you can customize it, among other factors. The way a browser or device displays your website affects the customers’ experience when they visit your website. If your browser doesn’t support the features included in the theme or if the responsive design was not factored in, you are likely to lose out on a significant amount of business simply because your website is not friendly to the visitor and the search engine. It is therefore important for your dispensary website’s theme to be selected carefully and properly. Here are things you should keep in mind as you select a theme for your dispensary WordPress theme.


An overly complex website laden with flashy animation an overwhelming number of colors and a confusing layout can be a put-off for any user visiting your website. You need a website theme that is simple and user-friendly such that users can easily find what they are looking for.


The end goal of developing a website for your weed dispensary is to make it easy for customers to access your products and find you from wherever they are; enabling you to serve a wider market. Therefore, everything about your website should be designed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. This will allow your site to be visible among the search engine results. You must, therefore, use a theme that will support your SEO efforts.


Your dispensary website must adjust its layout according to the device being used. Although WordPress themes are responsive by default, it is possible to find a theme with a fixed layout. Make the theme is responsive, so that the website can be displayed well regardless of the device being used to display it. Take advantage of the high amount of traffic that is generated by mobile devices by making your theme and website responsive.

Browser Compatibility

There are multiple browsers in the market, and therefore, visitors to your website will be using different browsers. You need to make sure that your website theme is compatible with the browsers. This is necessary because you can test it one browser and find that its appearance is great yet in another browser, it’s not displayed right.

Plugin Support

Aside from browser compatibility, your dispensary WordPress theme must be able to support the plugins you intend to use. For instance, you might want to use the WordPress dispensary plugin for easily editing your marijuana dispensary website menu only to find that the theme you’ve selected doesn’t work well with the plugin. The team must also support the must-have plugins. If you want users to be able to buy your products online, you need to select a theme that has been designed to support for e-Commerce or add plugins that will add the functionalities you need for e-commerce.

Once you’ve selected the right theme that will give you the performance needed, you can then customize it to include any additional features you need. However, remember that security is important too. The theme you select, and plugins you add to it should not compromise the security of your website.

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